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Notes from the May 2010 Seattle Plone Upgrade Sprint

by Veda Williams last modified May 20, 2010 07:55 PM

Notes from when we upgraded

Helpful links:

Seen on Twitter: Popular wisdom is that theming for Plone 4 can involve Deliverance, collective.xdv, z3c.job, and omelette. It's also possible to continue theming Plone 4 the way you had to in Plone 3, which may have involved the above-mentioned technologies (or not).

the terrafirma theme source is here:

Upgrade guide:

Since the Seattle Plone site had cache fu installed, and since the Plone 4 buildout we were using did not have cache fu in there, the initial portal_migration dry run failed. The error thrown was a pickling error. Solution: go back to the working Plone 3 site, uninstall cachefu, shut down, then move the data.fs over to the new Plone 4 buildout. Note, this also broke the blob file connection, so you should also grab the blob files again from the Plone 3 buildout and copy them over.

Using those blob files threw this error:

2010-05-20 18:15:13 INFO ZODB.blob (95667) Blob directory `/opt/buildout/var/blobstorage-seattleplone` is unused and has no layout marker set. Selected `bushy` layout.

Basically, blob files can be either "lawn" (e.g. flat) or "bushy". This is defined in a hidden file named .layout in the blobstorage folder. Use ls -a to list the hidden files. Changing "lawn" to "bushy" in .layout fixed this bug, at least for the Seattle Plone site.

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