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New Seattle Plone Gathering Leaders

by vedaw last modified Sep 03, 2009 12:21 PM

Welcome to Melody Winkle and Veda Williams as our new Seattle Plone Gathering leaders.

Seattle has a passion for Plone.  Our current user group regularly has a strong crew of experienced Plonistas and those just starting out.

The Seattle Plone Gathering was founded in January 2005 by Brian Gershon, now at Web Collective, and Andrew Burkhalter, now at the Omni Group and formerly at ONE/Northwest.

The group has continued with monthly meetings through the years and now Brian and Andrew are passing on the coordination role to Veda Williams at ONE/Northwest and Melody Winkle at Web Collective.

Melody and Veda have dedicated their recent work lives toward Plone -- both the product itself, and the strong open source community that has formed around it.

Melody hasn't missed many Seattle Plone meetings, and also initiated the Plone group at the University of Washington.

Veda is our regional Plone theming guru and a member of the Plone Documentation Team, and has recently published the book Plone 3 Theming.

Andrew and Brian did a wonderful job of wrangling speakers, hosting the meetings, and keeping the community together.   Now that Brian is coordinating the Seattle Django User Group (with Leo Shklovskii at Evoworx) and Andrew is focusing on Mac development, it is time to pass on the local torch.

We're excited that ONE/Northwest and Web Collective still have an active role in maintaining the Seattle Plone community.   We're also happy that both Brian and Andrew have promised to attend the meetings.

If you are a Plone developer and you're in the area, please drop by and pay a visit to the Seattle Plone Gathering.

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